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Tandy 1100 FD


This computer from the early 90s came with DOS 3.3 and DeskMate 3.03 built into the system ROM.

Common Issues

If you have come across this computer these days chances are that there are a few things wrong with it.

  1. Floppy drive does not work
  2. Keyboard is sticky or doesn't register presses
  3. The clock does not maintain its time
  4. Missing DeskMate disks

This page will help you address some of these problems. First you may want to watch my YouTube video on how to fix some of the issues with this laptop.

There are plenty of sites where you can download DeskMate.

Although DeskMate is in the ROM, it only provided the main menu and basic functions of a word processor. In order to use the other applications within DeskMate you needed the disks. There were 4 disks in total. Swapping the disks became a bit of a chore therefore Eric Tremblay consolidated the files into one disk and uploaded instructions on how to do this.

                     DeskMate on One 720K Disk

     I recently bought a Tandy 1100FD Laptop Computer, As you
surly know DeskMate is a very powerful and practical tool.
The "only thing wrong" with it is that it comes on two disks.
So I decided to slim it down to ONE Disk.

Format yourself a blank disk and copy all the files listed
below to your disk.

Take note that I have not included the Worksheet, Telecom and
PC-Link applications, because I simply don't use these programs.
I use other applications that are a lot better...

So here is the directory.

               Volume in drive A is DESKMATE W 
               Directory of  A:\

                    DMNOTEPD ACC    14029 
                    DMTODO   ACC     5832 
                    DMACCESS ACC     7251 
                    DMSERV   ACC    23951 
                    DMSETUP  ACC    26651 
                    DMPHONE  ACC    20137 
                    DMALARM  ACC    14907 
                    ALARM    CFG      128 * Data File 
                    DMFORM   RES     9872 
                    DMOLDAPP MOD     7961 
                    HANGMAN  PDM    27001 
                    FILER    PDM    39495 
                    CALENDAR PDM    72211 
                    PERSONAL CAL     6144 * Data file for calandar
                    ADDRESS  PDM    53923 
                    PERSONAL ADR    12288 * Data file for address book
                    ALARM    RES    12119 
                    ALRMINIT RES     9607 
                    DBUPDATE RES    15532 
                    DBBUILD  RES    11672 
                    DESKTOP  CFG     1009 * Data file
                    FORMSET  PDM    59673
                    DRAW     PDM    57183

Eric Tremblay 
Montreal, Canada
CompuServe I.D. 73117,460