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Product Support & Documentation

Xi 8088 IBM PC/XT Compatible Processor Board

Build your own IBM compatible PC.
Click on the image below to learn more.

ISA Backplane

This backplane can be used with the XI8088 and many other single board computers.

ISA Floppy Disk and Serial Controller

This ISA Floppy Disk and Serial Controller card supports up to two floppy drives.

Xi 8088 - Complete Board.png Isa-backplane.jpg Floppy-controller-assembled.jpg
XT-CF-Lite V4

This card replaces a physical hard drive with a Compact Flash (CF)
card acting as a solid state disk.

OPL2 Adlib Compatible Sound Card

This sound card is compatible with the AdLib Music Synthesizer
that was very popular in late 80's - early 90's.

Retro Pie Instructions

This page shows how to setup your brand new SD card for the first time.

Xt-cf-lite-v4.jpg Opl2 sound card small.jpg RetroPie Logo

Retro Computing Software Development

FreeDOS 1.3 Installation

This page shows how to install FreeDOS 1.3
on an Xi8088 machine that has a Floppy and a Hard Drive

Quick Reference Utility by David Jurgens

The information found here is distilled knowledge of many
thousands of pages of Programmer reference material for the
IBM PC and compatible computers from the 80s and 90s

16-bit Development Environment Setup

This page shows how to setup a 16-bit development environment
on Windows 10 targeting the 80x86 architecture

Freedos mascot.png Quick ref util.png Hello borland.png

Retro Consoles and Games